Last year I had a 5 year old stud male which presented with weight loss and anaemia in a short space of time. PCV's were 8.6 which were of serious concern but no evidence of worm burden or why it occurred. My vet was keen to do a transfusion but I was reluctant without understanding how to ensure the anaemia did not return. I referred to Sarah, who liaised with my vet and after discussion, a course of action was agreed. Sarah communicated with my vet regularly, gave in depth reports with further advices and followed through the treatment until my male was clearly on the safe road to recovery. I would confidently recommend Sarah for advice and support.

Sarah's interactive and relaxed teaching style, along with practical sessions, make her courses really enjoyable. Who would have thought topics such as how BVD is spread or the increase of parasite resistance could be fun and kinetic!

Interesting and informative without blinding one with science!

Sarah is a very engaging presenter and topics were interesting, including the most up to date information possible.

Well planned, presentation slides were extremely helpful.

Informative and varied content and good presentation. Good to be able to do an event even though we couldn't get together in person.

Practical, easy to understand, relevant.

Sarah is one of those rare individuals who is not only an expert in her field but has also the ability to impart this technical knowledge to make it accessible to all. She works hard at finding ways of making her training interactive and "hands on" which as a result delivers the message better than I have ever seen before.

I have also found Sarah to be very down to earth and approachable making it easy to ask questions during her training sessions and have witnessed her repeating complicated point many times to ensure that all participants understood. The materials she provides during the session have become my go to husbandry manual.

These very personable and human traits (not always found in Vets) made me feel comfortable enough to ask her advice over email beyond the training session on specific issues I was having. I found her advice to be both practical and effective compared to the local advice I was receiving and I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah for all Camelid related Veterinary advice whether on the farm or in the training room.

I am currently in my 4th year at Nottingham Vet School. Sarah played a massive role in assisting me to get to the position that I find myself in now. She truly believed that I could make it to vet school from the moment that I started spending time with her. I can't explain the confidence this gives a student to have a vet of Sarah's calibre believe in your capabilities.

When spending time with Sarah, her commitment to my learning was the catalyst in helping me to believe in myself and making me realise that going to vet school was possible. She would ensure that I thoroughly understood relevant veterinary topics and even took the time out to give me an afternoon of one-on-one interview practice session in my sixth form.

I cannot thank Sarah enough for everything that she has taught me, the time she has invested in me and most importantly the belief that she gave me as an apprehensive school student. Even in my 4th year at vet school, I still recall the disease process of BVD from Sarah's homemade cardboard cows, illustrating the quality of her teaching!

She is a mentor for Vet students on a regular basis, not just the practices own recruits but students on placement from both the UK and Europe. She often brings them out on her visits (whereas many vets are reluctant) and coming from a teaching background myself, I can see what an inspirational mentor she is.

Sarah readily shares her knowledge along with top tips/ways of doing things learnt from experience and is so encouraging and supportive. She is the sort of teacher that people will remember well into the future.

Interactive Workshop
Birthing simulator in action!
Training in Kenya as part of Send a Cow programme