Clinical Cases
If you would like to discuss a clinical scenario, we would be happy to offer a second opinion.

An initial telephone consultation will be arranged to collate all the history and, with permission, reach out to your registered veterinary practice for additional clinical information and any associated laboratory results where necessary. At each stage of the consultation, you will receive a detailed report of our discussions and any recommendations as to how we suggest proceeding. In order to achieve the best outcome for you and your animal(s), we endeavour to build a good working relationship with your vet.

Additional tests may be necessary to reach a diagnosis or monitor a treatment plan. The collection of samples will be the responsibility of the registered veterinary practice, unless agreed otherise. Results will be evaluated as part of the consultancy agreement.

Where your registered veterinary practice requires support for clinical procedures, or a clinical examination is deemed necessary, visits can be arranged at an agreed cost.
Herd Health Plans
An essential part of managing any herd is knowing when and how to implement preventative measures. Husbandry techniques and recommendations are constantly evolving with regards to camelid care. We pride ourselves on maintaining current evidence based knowledge with continued professional development from international sources. If you would like to create a tailor made plan for your herd, please contact us to discuss further.
Research Projects
Identifying trends within your herd can be hugely interesting and rewarding but also a great resource for maximising the health and performance of your animals.

If you would like some assistance evaluating any of the data you have collected, or help to get started, TheHumanVet can support you on this journey. Existing projects have included nutritional assessments, trace element monitoring and cria development.
What makes TheHumanVet right for you?
  • Registered and practicing Veterinary Surgeon since 2012
  • Camelid bias with a wealth of practical and theoretical experience
  • Honourary Vet for Cornwall Camelid Association since 2016; annual vet day, newsletter articles and member support
  • Sponsored by the British Alpaca Society (BAS) to represent the UK at the International Camelid Conference, Oregon USA in 2019
  • Active member of the British Veterinary Camelid Society (BVCS)
  • Develops courses promoting current camelid knowledge for owners and vets at regional and international sites